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Fred Sandoval, City Manager

Fred Sandoval, City Manager

Welcome to the All-America City of Pharr; and thank you for choosing our community to raise your family, open your business or enjoy the Pharr experience. This experience continues to grow as we plant the seed of new ideas, nurture the mutual interests of the parties involved and harvest the bountiful product represented by economic growth and individual prosperity.

As City Manager and Director of the Pharr Economic Development Corporation, I can say with confidence that Fiscal-Year 2011/2012 will go down in history as one of the most dynamic and defining years in your community. A year that has been shaped by the wisdom and vision of the Pharr City Commission and carried out by an administration of dedicated professionals entrusted to protect the investment of tax dollars and the value of our resources.

Within the last year, we have seen the opening of COSTCO and HEB Plus, the ground-breaking of a much-needed produce terminal dedicated exclusively to the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, and the announced construction of the only IMAX Theater south of San Antonio.

City property tax rates have been decreased and our revenue continues to grow. Expenditures are properly scrutinized for justification and our three major funds: General, Utility, and Bridge have contingency accounts fully funded to exceed the minimum requirements recommended; which puts us in a very stable fiscal position.

Equally important to the quality-of-life your family enjoys is the aesthetic standard our community desires and appreciates. Through projects costing no more than inspiration, innovation and teamwork, we have removed over 25,000 tires from our streets and alleys, safely disposed of over 97 tons of trash and turned common street corners in lighted gardens of landscaped green space.

As we transition to the new fiscal year, new ideas and new projects, I cannot help but look back on 2011/2012 with pride in our community. I ask you to join us in continuing this trend by maintaining the momentum we now enjoy. A momentum that could only be realized by harnessing the spirit and problem-solving character that defines each and every one of you.


Fred Sandoval

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