Quarterly Report

Unaudited Interim Financial Reports

Due to the City’s continued effort to improve transparency and full disclosure on a timely and accurate manner, the Finance Department, with the assistance of all department directors, compiled the City’s major fiscal data and prepared the City’s (non-audited) Comprehensive Quarterly Financial Report.  Please note, these reports include the state required investment quarterly reports which do not include OPEB investments nor PEDC investments.

Monthly Report – January 2009
Monthly Report – February 2009
Quarterly Report – March FY 0809
Quarterly Report – June FY 0809
Quarterly Report – Sept FY 0809
Quarterly Report – Dec FY 0910
Quarterly Report – March FY 0910
Quarterly Report – June FY 0910
Quarterly Report – Sept FY 0910
Quarterly Report – Dec FY 1011
Quarterly Report – March FY 1011
Quarterly Report – June FY 1011
Quarterly Report – Sept FY 1011
Quarterly Report – Dec FY 11-12
Quarterly Report – March FY 11.12
Quarterly Report – June FY 11.12
Quarterly Report-September FY 11-12
Quarterly Report-December FY 12-13
Quarterly Report-March FY 12-13
Quarterly Report-June FY 12-13 
Quarterly Report-September FY 12-13
Quarterly Report-December FY 13-14
Quarterly Report-March FY 13-14 
Quarterly Report-June FY 13-14
Quarterly Report-September FY 13-14
Quarterly Report-December FY 14-15
Quarterly Report-March FY 14-15
Quarterly Report-June FY 14-15
Quarterly Report-September FY 14-15
Quarterly Report-December FY 15-16
Quarterly Report-March FY 15-16
Quarterly Report-June FY 15-16
Quarterly Report-September FY 15-16
Quarterly Report-December FY 16-17
Quarterly Report-March FY 16-17
Quarterly Report-June FY 16-17
Quarterly Report-September FY 16-17
Quarterly Report-December FY 17-18
Quarterly Report-March FY 17-18
Quarterly Report-June FY 17-18
Quarterly Report-September FY 17-18
Quarterly Report-December FY 18-19
Quarterly Report - March FY 18-19
Quarterly Report - June FY 18-19
Quarterly Report September FY 2018-2019
Quarterly Report - December FY 19-20
Quarterly Report - March FY 19-20
Quarterly Report - June FY 19-20

Quarterly Report-June FY 17-18
Pharr Economic Development Corporation Unaudited Interim Financial Reports

PEDC Quarterly Report-March FY 17-18
PEDC Quarterly Report-June FY 17-18
PEDC Quarterly Report - September FY 2018



Quarterly Investment Reports


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