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All electronic devices including cell phones and pagers must be turned off before entering the Courtroom unless you have received express prior approval from the Court. Failure to comply will result in the person’s removal from the Courtroom.  Absolutely no weapons of any sort shall be allowed in the Courtroom except those on the person of commissioned peace officers. Any persons entering the Courthouse are subject to search.  No food, chewing gum, candy or drinks of any type shall be consumed in or brought into the Courtroom.


To be permitted in the Courtroom, you must be dressed appropriately so as to maintain the dignity, decorum and professional atmosphere of the Court and the administration of justice.  No one will be permitted in the Courtroom in shorts or in any immodest or revealing wear such as halter tops or tube tops.  Any clothing with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, obscene, or suggestive words, slogans, depictions, or pictures will not be allowed in the courtroom. Pants are to be worn at the waist.  No exposed undergarments are permitted. Pants that are tattered, shredded or that exposes skin are not permitted.  No hats, caps, head coverings or sunglasses may be worn in the Courtroom, except with prior permission of the Court. Any person not dressed in appropriate Courtroom attire is subject to removal from the Courtroom.

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