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AControl Draft(ACD) is administratively responsible to the Public Works Director, Roy Garcia. Providing services for our local community, this division is responsible for the care and safety of animals. Whether pets are enjoyable members of our community or undesirable nuisance depends almost entirely on our attitudes as pet owners. Just as important, pet owners must show consideration for the safety and comfort of other citizens. The goals of the Animal Control Divisions are to: Protect, Educate, Teach and Serve our community, (P.E.T.S.) on the importance of animals.

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Annual Rabies Vaccinations are in the month of January of each year.  Please call for any questions in regards to our vaccination clinics or registering your pet with the City of Pharr at (956)402-4350.

Vaccination Clinics are scheduled twice a year in January and February.

Sec. 18-32. – Cats and dogs; license and vaccination required; fees; fee exemptions and discounts. (pet vaccination and or license ordinance). Every person having ownership of a dog or cat for which a license is required under this article must ensure that the license tag is worn by the animal at all times whenever it is outside its owner’s premises. The burden of proof shall be upon any dog and/or cat owner charged with violation of this division to establish the fact that he has well and truly complied with the laws of his domicile or regular place of residence.

In any prosecution under this article it shall be rebuttally presumed that at the time of the alleged offense an animal was not currently vaccinated, and that no valid license had been issued for the animal, unless it was wearing a valid license tag issued pursuant to this section.

Sec. 18-36. – Animals running at large (leash law); hygiene; public areas and events. It shall be unlawful to allow any animal, including but not limited to livestock, dogs, or cats, and fowl to run at large within the city. An animal control officer or designee is hereby granted the authority to pick up and cause to be impounded any animal found running at large in the city. The impound notice and hearing procedures of this article shall apply in the case of any such animal. The owner of every animal shall be responsible for the removal of any excreta deposited by the animal on public property, walks, recreation areas or the property of others.

Animal Control Highlights

  • DOA’s-(dead on arrival) picked up: dogs-666; cats-434; possums 278; rabbits 13; pigs 5; ducks 2; skunks 7; squirrels 12; chickens 5; goats 1; fish 1; turtles 2; birds 2; snakes 2; and armadillos 2.  Total 1,977
  • Loose dogs: 1,774
  • Bats: 28
  • Bee calls: 151
  • Cruelty cases: 28
  • Fowls: 48
  • Howling/Barking nuisance: 38
  • Injured animals -Pick ups: 67
  • Livestock: 49
  • Loaded traps: 2,091
  • Snakes: 41
  • Unwanted cats: 260
  • Unwanted dogs: 873
  • Vicious dogs: 32
  • Total number of animals vaccinated and registered with the City- 804
  • Total number of citations (running at large, no tags, no registration or dog bite) 369
  • Total of 129 dog bite reports that were attended by ACO’s
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