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Traffic and Safety Division

The Traffic Safety personnel are administratively responsible to the Public Works Director. Traffic Safety Division mission is to provide such guidance and warnings as are needed to ensure the safe and uniform operation of individual elements of traffic stream. The Traffic Safety Technician responsibilities are to maintain all traffic signs, signals, and street sign inventory and pavement markings. They will continue covering the growth of our great city assuring that the appropriate devices and related equipment are installed to meet traffic requirements at a given location. This division responds to all emergency calls or concerns 24 hrs.

 Traffic and Safety Highlights

Traffic Safety Technicians utilize the Texas MUTCD, hazards and safety precautions for the general public by installing traffic calming devices in the City of Pharr.

Traff11For Speed Cushion Application Click Here

Intersection Lights

The Traffic Safety Division has converted all intersection light bulbs to L.E.D’s lighting system. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. This type of lighting system allows an energy reduction of at least 75% .

Graffiti Dept.

The Graffiti Department utilizes a high pressure washing mobile unit to help eradicate graffiti.


The City has Integrated 3 new intersections with flashing lights (Las Milpas and 281, Bluebonnet and Sugar Rd., and Sugar Rd. and Owassa Rd).

Traffic Counters

The Traffic Safety Department has the capabilities of conducting vehicle analysis, speed, size of vehicle and number of vehicles traveling in a particular area.

New Aerial lights

Traffic Division has also upgraded the aerial lights from Bus 83 to Kelly on South 281. The old depleted Aerial lights were replaced by new and more efficient poles with lighting systems.To report any safety concerns, stop signs down, or traffic signal malfunctions, please call (956) 402-4310.

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