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Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program: FY 2017 Local Solicitation

(CFDA # 16.738)


Name:                                     Ruben Villescas, Chief of Police- City of Pharr Police Department

Title Project:                       Digital Interview and Custodial Recording System

Federal Amount Request:   $17,842

Applying Category:              Law Enforcement Program

Proposed Time Line:            October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018

JAG funds may be used to improve or enhance Law enforcement programs. The top five identifiers associated with this project are: 1) Communications, 2) Equipment – General, 3) Computer software/hardware, 4) Officer Safety, and 5) Geo-mapping etc.

We are committed to the highest professional standards working in partnership with our citizens to solve problem and meet the challenges of the 21st Century Policing issues. It has been well-documented and highlighted that crime fighting information sharing communication systems and technologies are the foundation of law enforcement’s capacity to prevent, solve, and control crime.


Project Goal:

To improve law enforcement and prosecution outcomes by enhancing the technological capabilities of Pharr Police Department by enabling them to videotape interviews, statements and interrogations.



Objective #1: Enhance the technological capabilities within Pharr PD through the acquisition of video recording equipment to be utilized during investigations.

Tasks #1 for Objective #1:

  • Purchase and install video recording equipment.
  • Maintain purchase records in compliance with all federal, State, and local procurement guidelines.
  • Maintain an inventory record of all video recording of statements equipment purchased under this contract.

Task #2 for Objective #1: Provide training to officers and/or staff in proper operation of the video recording equipment.
Task #3 for Objective #1: In compliance with the established departmental protocol (see Objective #2), utilize the video recording equipment during investigatory interviews and interrogations.

Objectives #2: Improve the effectiveness of case evidence through the recording of investigative interviews and interrogations by trained officers and staff and establishing departmental protocols regarding video recording of statements.

Task #1 for Objective #2: Provide investigatory personnel with interview techniques training to enhance their

interview and interrogation knowledge, skills and abilities.
Task #2 for Objective #2: Develop and implement departmental protocols regarding the video recording of statements.


Output/Outcome Indicators:

 The following output/outcome indicators will be notable milestones in quantitatively evaluating the program’s effectiveness in due course: 1) Number of Digital Interview and Custodial Recording System Purchased, 2) Number of video recorded statements, and 3) Number of officers or staff who received training in proper operational use of the equipment, 4) Number of video recorded statements forwarded to the District Attorney’s office to be used as case evidence, 5) Provide investigatory personnel with interview techniques training to enhance their interview and interrogation knowledge, skills and abilities, and 6) Enter all individual units of equipment with a value of $500 or greater into the Equipment Inventory in Pharr PD-Grants Management System (GMS).

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