• Never dump anything down storm drains.
  • Keep grass clippings & other yard waste out of drains. Drains that become blocked by debris can cause flooding.
  • Do not dispose of any type of oil, paint, or chemical down storm drains.
  • Take your car to a car wash or was it yourself on your lawn, if washed on street soapy runoff will get into storm drains.
  • Do the right thing & pick up after your pets.
  • Do Not Litter! Put trash and recyclables in the proper place. Citations will be given by city officials if you’re caught putting anything in storm drains.
  • Try and select native plants, apply lawn chemicals according to label instructions.
  • Be sure your motor vehicle is not leaking. DON’T LEAK & DRIVE!
  • Keep your yard properly maintained.
  • Clean up spills properly. Place an absorbent over the spill and then call your stormwater team at Pharr Public Works (956) 402 . 4350
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