The Building Safety Division was created to enforce all codes pertaining to construction. The codes establish minimum requirements to safeguard City of Pharr resident homes or business owners’ health, safety, and general welfare.

Any type of proposed construction to arise requires a building permit. This includes work for plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, remodeling, repairs, fencing, driveways, etc. A building permit application must be submitted to the Building Safety Division along with a complete set of plans. The plan review process may take 24-48 hours for residential construction and up to 72 hours for commercial construction. Plans must comply with all 2012 International Building Codes as well as the City of Pharr’s Zoning Ordinances.

Inspections must be requested:

Call the Building Safety Division at 956-402-4210 between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You may also leave a request for an inspection on the recorder by calling 956-402-4212 and leaving your name, the type of inspection being requested and the address of the site where the inspection is to be done.

Inspections Carried Out:

1.  Setback/floor elevation: To ensure construction is within the correct property boundary and elevation is properly established. A dumpster for construction debris as well as a portable restroom should be at the construction site at this stage.

2.  Plumbing Soil Rough-In:  underground plumbing before foundation.

3.  Foundation/Steel: Re-bars, vapor barrier, and termite extermination required.

4.  Framing, electrical wiring, water pipes, sanitary drains and vents, a/c ducts, window/door types (energy conservation), and building envelope seal inspections are carried out.

5.  Insulation: Must comply with the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code for both residential and commercial structures.

6.  Infiltration.

7.  A last inspection is carried out to ensure full compliance of the building electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. Impervious off street parking as well as a sidewalk along the street is also required.

8.  Pressure test of A/C duct system.

Garage Sales Permits:

Effective April, 2008, amendments were adopted to the Garage Sales Ordinance. Highlights include: cost of $10.00, limited to two (2) per calendar year per lot, and covers not more than three consecutive days from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Review the Garage Sales Ordinance and see how it may affect you.

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