When it comes to beautifying ‘our piece of land’, usually one thinks of trees, shrubs, flowers, color, height, types, and the money such will cost. With this in mind, most usually go to the closest source of greenery whether it be the local garden store, the flea markets, the neighbors, or the mail order catalogs. Unless there is some knowledge of what is going to be planted, there are many times the greenery purchased does not survive “in our part of the world”.

To help with this situation, the Pharr Development Services Department recommends landscaping greenery that is native to our area, survives the heat of our summers, is naturally water conservative, and provides beautiful scenes of color. The City Pharr requires adherence to its Landscaping Ordinance and its Irrigation System.  The Landscaping, Buffering and Tree Preservation Ordinance and Public Tree Care Ordinance also address issues relating to landscaping projects and how such projects may be affected.

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