Salary range begins at $36,000. Overtime pay available.
The City of Pharr provides its employees with three weeks paid vacations
The Pharr Police Department provides all required police equipment.
The city of Pharr Police is civil-service and collective bargaining.
The Pharr Police Department has an aggressive in-service training program second to none in the Valley.
If you are looking to work as a police officer in a top-notch department, the Pharr PD is the place to be. We offer the following opportunitites:

  • Field-training program
  • Bicycle patrol program
  • Special narcotics investigations program
  • School police officer on-site program
  • Crime-prevention program
  • Crimestoppers program
  • Criminal investigations program
  • Participate in FBI violent-crimes task force
  • Participate in U.S. Customs Task Force
  • Participate in DEA Task Force
  • Get certification in A.S.P. Baton
  • Specialized tactical assault training
  • Training in hostage negotiation
  • Defensive tactics training
  • DWI enforcement training