Request for Services from our Pharr Police

Download the Police - Crime Prevention Services Request form, print it out and mail to:

Att: Assistant Chief of Police Joel Robles
Pharr Police Department
1900 South Cage Blvd
Pharr, TX 78577

The Pharr Police Department has provided training to its members in Community Policing.  The Officers have been trained to better understand the needs of our community.  Our officers on their daily patrols focus on community problems.  These problems are not only criminal offenses, but other problems such as insufficient parking, traffic congestion, poor lighting, and junked or abandoned vehicles.  The officers act to resolve these problem areas, which our citizens are affected by and at times don’t know who to call upon.  The City of Pharr has had a great response to building Neighborhood Watch programs.  Residential block meetings are held and everyone is joined to look out for others.  This program led by a “Block Captain” has been instrumental in alerting our Patrol officers to criminal activity on several occasions.  Community Policing has also participated in several city wide projects that clean neighborhoods of long weeds, junked vehicles, dumped tires, etc.  The Community Police Officers also are active with the Pharr Chamber of Commerce projects.

Numerous Pharr Police Department employees live within the City of Pharr.  Our community concerns are witnessed or learned first hand.  We are able to apply resources to help address problems in our community.  We are strong believers in Law Enforcement and recognize that our community serves as our eyes and ears.  Our community has made the Pharr Police Department what it is today.  Our Pharr Police Department Officers work hard and are fully committed to bring Pharr citizens a safe family environment and comfortable place to live and work.


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