The Pharr Police Department was awarded $77,551.00 dollars to enforce traffic laws pertaining to impaired drivers, speed violations, occupant protection, and intersection traffic control. These monies were awarded by Tx-Dot to the city of Pharr, in an effort to continue improving the quality of life for its citizens in creating safer roadways for them to travel. The Pharr Police Department will use these monies to pay officers overtime to work designated areas of the city where motorists are prone to drive over the posted speed limit, drive unsecured by safety belts, disregard traffic control devices, and operate while under the influence.  The Pharr Police Department goal is to educate the public about the most common infractions committed by motorists and to enforce compliance.

The traffic sites identified by the Pharr Police Department as the areas prone to have speeders, occupants not secured by safety belts and red light violations are as follows:

1.      Sam Houston Blvd. from Jackson Rd. to I Rd.

2.      I Rd. from Military Highway to Ferguson Ave.

3.      Cage Blvd. from Military Highway to US Expressway 83

4.      Jackson Rd. from Hall Acres Rd. to Nolana Loop

5.      US Highway 83 from Jackson Rd. to I Rd.

6.      Ferguson Ave. from Jackson Rd. to I Rd.

7.      Dicker Rd. from Jackson Rd. to I Rd.

8.      DWI – City Wide Enforcement

Currently the City of Pharr has a 23% compliance rate in regards to speed and an 85.8% compliance rate when it comes to occupant protection. The Pharr Police Department goal is to improve to 40% compliance in speeding and 88% compliance in occupant protection. The Pharr Police Department will ensure that compliance is met with it’s set action plan and will compliment it with a rigorous education campaign. The Pharr Police Department looks forward to working the 2005 – 2006 campaign and meeting it’s goals.

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