Objectives of the Pharr Police Department Field Training and Evaluation Program

The Field Training and Evaluation Program of the Pharr Police Department has been designed and implemented so that the following objectives may be achieved:

1)         To produce a highly trained and positively motivated police officer capable of meeting or exceeding standards of performance required by the Pharr Police Department.

2)         To provide equal and standardized training to all newly hired police officers and to provide remedial training in those areas where deficiencies are identified.

3)         To build on the foundation of knowledge given through the Basic Law Enforcement Police Academy, thereby creating an environment in which the PPO may develop new skills as well as increase proficiency in those acquired in the academic setting.

4)         To improve the department screening process by providing on-the-job observation and evaluation of each trainee’s performance.

5)         To establish an evaluation system which is valid and job-related, utilizing a standardized and systematic approach to the documented measurement of the trainee’s performance.

6)         To ultimately increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the department by enhancing the climate of professionalism and competency demanded by the ethical standards of law enforcement.

7)         To utilize only skilled professional officers as FTO’S throughout the training period.