2020 Census

Census Date: April 1st, 2020

Welcome to the Hidalgo County 2020 Census portal where you will find information regarding the 2020 Census process, local efforts, strategies, and 2020 Census committees’ information.

The upcoming 2020 Census enumeration process will directly impact and define our community for the next decade. Census Bureau figures are used for the appropriation of federal funds, the apportionment of US House of Representative seats, state legislature and other local entities representation. Additionally, Census Bureau figures are now commonly used by many in the public and private sector for business decisions that impact our future growth.

Our goal is to provide 2020 Census timeline information, share news of a local area office that will open 2019 in McAllen, identify and target areas of low response, and develop a strategy to make sure everyone is counted.

For additional information, please visit the Official U.S. 2020 Census webiste linked below.

Your Response Matters.

Health clinics.
Fire departments.
Even roads and highways.
The census can shape many different aspects of your community.