Pharr, Texas – Representatives from the City of Pharr, Texas, USA, and the municipality of Apaseo El Grande, Guanajato, Mexico, met for a ceremony to sign a memorandum of understanding to establish the “Global Cities Economic Partnership Pharr-Apaseo El Grande.” In attendance at the ceremony were Pharr International Bridge Director Luis Bazan and Apaseo El Grande Mayor Moises Guerrero Lara, among other representatives from both communities.

The partnership’s objective is to formalize a bilateral relationship to promote growth and expand economic opportunities in both cities through joint initiatives in trade, investment, innovation, and knowledge transfer. The parties will conduct these initiatives to increase business opportunities and strengthen the cultural, historic, and economic ties between the cities.

“We are proud to continue strengthening partnerships with our neighbors to the south, to work together on mutually beneficial projects that will promote trade and economic activity for both our communities,” said Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D.

“The Pharr International Bridge continues to lay the ground-work for sustained economic opportunities in partnership with industrial hubs in major cities across Mexico,” said Bridge Director Luis Bazan. “Our new friends, strategic partners and trade allies in Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato understand the importance Pharr plays in their logistical plans and are now forming a committee consisting of members from their industrial association to start fomenting the use of the Pharr Bridge,” he continued.

The memorandum of understanding was approved at the February 7, 2019, meeting of the Pharr City Commission.