City of Pharr Announces Pre-Registration Now Open for New Broadband Internet Service TEAMPHARR.NET

The City of Pharr is now taking pre-registrations for their new fiber-optic broadband internet service TEAMPHARR.NET. Interested Pharr families can begin the pre-registration process by visiting to reserve their spot for the new high-speed internet service starting at only $25 per month.

“The City of Pharr is proud to announce that the pre-registration process for our new internet service TEAMPHARR.NET is now open to our Pharr families,” said Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D. “We have been working on this project diligently and we are excited to launch the first phase of the service in the south zone of Pharr,” he continued. “The affordable broadband service will be available to every Pharr resident and business owner and requires no contract or installation fee,” added Mayor Hernandez.

As part of the project, TEAMPHARR.NET, the city will install 2.1 million feet or 398 miles of fiber-optic cable to 24,000 residential and business accounts. The network will provide an internet speed of up to 1 gigabyte, depending on the plan chosen, which will provide fast, reliable, accessible, and affordable internet for Pharr families.

“These days, the internet is our lifeline; It connects us to the everyday world, it keeps us teaching and learning through virtual means, and it gives us access to opportunities that are beyond our normal reach,” said Mayor Hernandez during the press conference announcing the project earlier this year. “As your city leaders, we have found a viable solution and are proud to soon be offering affordable high-speed broadband Internet to within our community,” Hernandez added.

The project has been taking shape in phases starting with building the network in the south part of the city, then moving into the mid part of the city, and finally the north part of the city. Eventually, the entire city will be lit up and “ready” for use by June of 2022.

For more information or to pre-register for the service visit