City of Pharr Celebrates Dr. Jonathan B. Flores’ First Anniversary as City Manager

Dr. Jonathan B. Flores, Pharr City Manager


Pharr, Texas – The City of Pharr is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of Dr. Jonathan B. Flores serving as City Manager from July 10, 2023, to July 10, 2024. In his first year, Dr. Flores has made significant strides in improving the city’s operations, fostering community engagement, and implementing innovative programs. His leadership and dedication have led to numerous accomplishments that have positively impacted the City of Pharr and its residents.

Dr. Flores has implemented new programs and achieved many notable accomplishments and highlights throughout the past year including:

  • Created the Office of Professional & Ethical Standards: Ensuring transparency and ethical conduct in all city operations.
  • Established the Public Health Department: Enhancing public health services and response capabilities.
  • Implemented the Leadership Pathway Program: Developing future leaders within the city’s workforce.
  • Introduced Telework Capabilities: Providing flexibility for city employees and ensuring continuity of services.
  • Compressed Work Schedule: New hours of operation are now Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, improving service accessibility.
  • Published Quarterly City Manager’s Newsletter: Keeping staff informed about city initiatives and developments.
  • Unveiled the Employee Veteran’s Wall of Honor: Recognizing the contributions of veteran employees with a dedicated parking space at City Hall.
  • Added Fuel Station: Implemented for the city garage, with a policy to ensure city staff utilize this for cost savings.
  • Began Golf Course Renovations: Started the design phase and approved upgrades for the driving range and irrigation system.
  • Repurposed Vacant Positions: Added Special Events staff to better serve the community.
  • Hosted 1st Annual Avocado Festival: Successfully launched a new community event.
  • Established City Manager Mentorship Program: Established to mentor city directors.
  • Reclassified Positions: Analyzed vacancies and internal positions to improve organizational efficiency. 
  • Initiated Christmas Caroling Initiative for Nursing Homes: Bringing holiday cheer to the community’s elderly.
  • Purchased Pharr Housing Authority Building: Expanding city infrastructure.
  • Received Alzheimer’s Association Healthy Brain Initiative Award: Recognized for efforts in promoting brain health.
  • Organized “Night Under the Stars Candlelight” Concerts: Creating unique cultural experiences for residents.
  • Conducted Departmental Salary Reviews: Addressed and corrected salary disparities.
  • Won It’s Time Texas Community Challenge 2024: Demonstrating commitment to community health.
  • Appointed the 3rd Assistant City Manager: Enhancing administrative support.
  • Dedicated Veteran’s Memorial Park: Serves to honor veterans.
  • Started Pharr Internship Initiative: Providing valuable work experience for local students.
  • Held 1st Annual Men’s Health Week: Promoting men’s health awareness.
  • Appointed to the Texas Quality Foundation Board of Directors: Reflecting his commitment to excellence in public service and his leadership within the broader Texas community.

In his first year as City Manager, Dr. Flores has fostered a strong sense of community among residents and city staff alike, while introducing innovative programs that have set Pharr on a path toward a brighter future. His ability to combine visionary leadership with practical solutions has greatly improved the quality of life in Pharr and positioned the city for continued success. In addition, he has played a critical role in fostering professional development and leadership among city employees. 

Pharr Mayor Dr. Ambrosio Hernandez expressed his enthusiasm and support of Dr. Flores, stating, “I am incredibly proud to congratulate Dr. Jonathan B. Flores on his first anniversary as City Manager of Pharr. His innovative approach and unwavering dedication have brought about transformative changes in our city.”

From enhancing public health services to fostering community engagement and ensuring organizational efficiency, Dr. Flores’ accomplishments over the past year have been remarkable.

“His leadership has not only improved the quality of life for our residents but also set a strong foundation for future growth and success,” continued Mayor Hernandez. “We are fortunate to have such a visionary leader guiding our city, and I look forward to many more years of progress under his stewardship!”

The City of Pharr continues to thrive as Dr. Flores sets new standards for municipal excellence and community engagement. The city looks forward to many more years of his innovative and dedicated leadership.

Congratulations, Dr. Flores!