City of Pharr implements Integrated Public Alert & Warning System

The City of Pharr is proud to announce its investment into the use of FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System. IPAWS is a system that was developed for presidential emergency messages to and allows these messages to reach people on public and satellite radio, cell phones, TVs, and computers, NOAA radio. Users are trained by FEMA and must show a proficiency of use during monthly tests. 

IPAWS allows Pharr to be the only city in the region to push emergency messages across Hidalgo, Starr, Cameron, and Willacy counties with an enhanced geo-targeting system that allows messages to reach a 100% of the targeted area with no more of a 1/10th of a mile overshoot. This lets the City of Pharr notify areas on a wide variety of emergencies from weather to a missing child (that has not met AMBER ALERT criteria) across the Rio Grande Valley to specific neighborhoods. IPAWS combined with our Code RED and our Pharr 311 app, can help our residents feel informed and safe.