City of Pharr Partners with AdventGX & Texas A&M University Business Students to Provide Assistance to Local Businesses

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2020

Pharr, Texas – The City of Pharr and the Greater Pharr Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce a new initiative to provide free support and guidance to local small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The city is partnering with AdventGX, an economic development firm based out of Bryan-College Station, Texas that is directing a team of Texas A&M University business students who are volunteering their time to support businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Specifically, AdventGX and the Texas A&M student leaders will provide small businesses in Pharr with technical assistance in the following areas:Preparing their applications for programs that are currently available through the Small Business Administration (such as the PPP Program) and other funding opportunities;Creating an information portal with resources;Providing guidance preparing basic financial reports (balance sheets, income statement, proforma); andRunning a Disaster Sustainability Model to support the decision-making process to plan financial inputs and outputs during the shutdown and post-disaster recovery with a 12 month and up to a 7-year horizon.”Teaming up with our educational partners in higher education to provide students with the opportunity to tackle and address real-world business scenarios during a pandemic, while at the same time providing much-needed support, advice, and relief to our local small businesses who have suffered tremendously during this crisis, will result in positive outcomes for all,” said Pharr Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D. “This is an amazing opportunity for our local small businesses as they work with AdventGX and the Texas A&M business students to create successful strategies for our local businesses to thrive,” Hernandez stated. 

Since 2004, AdventGX has advised local governments, state departments, NGOs, and SMEs worldwide. Support ranges from addressing strategic questions to comprehensive assessment of economic development opportunities. AdventGX approached the Greater Pharr Chamber of Commerce to offer their support and services to local businesses, hoping to help many get back to normal operations. 

Pictured during a meeting with clients are (top l to r): Jose Quintana, AdventGX President, and Marie Marchand, AdventGX Director of the Innovation Underground and SEAD Programs.
 *Photo Courtesy of AdventGX

“COVID-19 has hit our business community especially hard,” stated Jose Quintana, President of AdventGX. “My team and I are excited to partner with the City of Pharr as we work together to help local small businesses get back on their feet and plan for the future,” he continued. “We are especially proud to provide resources through our unique partnership with the Texas A&M Student Volunteer Response Team led by a group of MAYS School of Business honor students. As you may be aware, leadership and selfless service are at the core of our A&M student culture, our students are stepping up to help our Texas communities,” added Quintana.

Businesses all over the world are dealing with the implications and aftermath caused by COVID-19. Small businesses have been hit especially hard in communities all over the nation, and are now faced with developing new safer business operation guidelines while enforcing social distancing measures and limited customer interaction. 

“Our businesses have struggled tremendously during this time, and it’s our responsibility to facilitate resources that will help guide them,” said Greater Pharr Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Rebecca Arizmendi. “While this opportunity not only allows us to help our businesses get back in operation, it also provides Texas A&M students with the experience to develop solutions that will enhance economic opportunities for our businesses for years to come,” Arizmendi added. 

The City of Pharr and the Greater Pharr Chamber of Commerce are proud to partner with AdventGX and Texas A&M students to give back and help support local businesses that have been impacted during this crisis, providing as many resources as possible to ensure that they can get back on the road to recovery and continue to thrive. 

“We look forward to this great opportunity as we partner with AdventGX and their Texas A&M Student Volunteer Team to ensure that our local small business owners and their businesses are prepared to reopen and thrive in the post-COVID-19 economy,” said Hernandez. 

For more information on this partnership and available resources, businesses can call  956-483-5090 or email Businesses can learn more about this opportunity at