The Board of Commissioners of the City of Pharr met for a regular meeting on Monday, March 4, 2024, and considered an agenda that included the following highlights:

City Commission Declares March 13th as Procurement Professional’s Day 

The Pharr City Commission approved a proclamation declaring March 13, 2024, National Procurement Professional’s Day. Public procurement or government procurement refers to the purchasing of goods, services, and works by governments and state-owned enterprises. Public procurement accounts for a substantial portion of taxpayers’ money, and procurement professionals are tasked with safeguarding the public’s interests and ensuring a high level of service quality. Mayra Gomez, Purchasing Director for the City of Pharr accepted the proclamation alongside members of her staff including Maritza Magallan, Daniella Villarreal, and Leonardo Vargas. The City of Pharr is focused on leading with excellence in public procurement and we recognize and thank our Procurement Professionals for doing all that they do for our city and the public taxpayers.

City Commission Recognizes Ms. South Texas Senior Duchess 2024

The Pharr City Commission recognized Mrs. Gloria Limas, a Pharr resident and the newly crowned Ms. South Texas Senior Duchess 2024. The Ms. South Texas Senior Pageant is for women aged 60 and over who reside in the Rio Grande Valley. Its main goal is to inspire and empower women. This was Mrs. Lima’s first time competing in the pageant and she is so happy to have been crowned as this year’s Duchess as well as to use her title to represent her beloved City of Pharr. “I had a great time competing in the contest and I am proud to represent the City of Pharr this year,” she added. The pageant took place on February 25th. “We are proud to have Mrs. Limas represent the City of Pharr and we congratulate her on this amazing accomplishment,” said Dr. Jonathan B. Flores, City Manager.

Pharr EMS Donates Ambulance to RGV College 

City Commissioners received an update on the recent donation of a Pharr EMS surplus ambulance to RGV College, a vocational health profession school located in Pharr. The ambulance will be utilized by RGV College to prepare EMT students for their future careers, helping familiarize them with the workings of a real ambulance. “We are training the future,” said Danny Ramirez, Pharr EMS Chief. “This is a great opportunity to help prepare these students for success,” added Ramirez. Pharr EMS currently partners with RGV College to provide ambulance ride-outs, providing students the opportunity to take part in real-life ambulance ride-alongs which help prepare them for their future professions. “This not only benefits our students, but it’s going to benefit our community, and we are thankful to Mayor Hernandez, the Pharr City Commission, and Pharr EMS for creating this collaborative pathway to success for our RGV College students,” said Dr. Anabelle Palomo, RGV College President/CEO. She added, “Thank you for helping us enhance these student’s experience and our program, and supporting health professionals right here in our City of Pharr.” RGV College is a vocational nursing and allied health school and is currently ranked as the 2nd largest vocational nursing institution in the State of Texas. 

City Commission Receives Update on the Tri-City Pedestrian Safety Improvements Project

The Pharr City Commission received an update on Phase 1 of the Tri-City Pedestrian Safety Improvements Project, a collaborative partnership between the RGVMPO, the City of Pharr, the City of San Juan, and the City of Alamo, which is currently underway. As you may have already seen around town, major sidewalk improvements are being worked on to expand pedestrian mobility. This project is set to transform our streets into secure pathways for all by enhancing walkability, fostering community connectivity, and prioritizing residents’ safety. The City of Pharr is embracing a city where pedestrians are at the heart of urban planning, making Pharr a haven for both movement and community well-being. Furthermore, this project will enhance quality of life, and expand and improve sidewalks while providing safety and security for our students and community. Phase 1 includes the improvement of sidewalks around 10 schools, 4 of which are located in the City of Pharr. Funding for the improvements comes from the RGVMPO (70%) and (30%) from the City of Pharr. 

Featured Event: Dr. Seuss Celebration – Thursday, March 7, 2024, from 6 pm to 8 pm

Step into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss! Join us this Thursday at the Development and Research Center for a celebration filled with snacks, games, stories, crafts, and FREE BOOKS! Don’t miss out on the fun as we honor the legacy of Dr. Seuss together!