2019 Requests for Funding

The proposed allocation for the CDBG Program Year 2019 is $1,150,930.00

Applications are separated into the Public Service and Non-Public Service categories. Federal law caps the amount of CDBG funding that can be spent on Public Service projects at 15% of the City’s total allocation. Applications are then separated into subject categories for convenience; this separation is somewhat subjective as some applications do not fit easily into a category and/or span more than one category.

The City of Pharr is currently in the development of the Action Plan 2018 and the Four -Year CPS Plan will submit both plans to the City Commission approved Plan by August 15, 2019.

The 30-day Comment Period begins June 13th, 2019 and ends on July 12th, 2019.  For a list of the 2019 Action Plan recommendations, please look for the 30-day Comment Period notice to be published on the City’s Event Calendar, Television 12 and the City Hall Bulletin Board.  For more information on the Action Plan 2019, call the GMCD office at (956) 402-4190, Ext.1604.

Listed below is a partial list of eligible activities.

Public Facilities Needs

Senior Centers
Neighborhood Facilities
Parks and Recreation Facilities
Health Facilities
Youth Centers
Child Care Centers
Parking Facilities

Infrastructure Improvement Needs

Flood Drain Improvements
Sewer Improvements
Water Improvements
Street Improvements

Public Service Needs

Senior Services
Handicapped Services
Child Care Services
Youth Services
Economic Development Needs
Technical Assistance
Lead Base Paint/Hazard Abatement
Code Enforcement
Emergency Shelter Needs
Housing Needs
Community Planning
Program Administration