Pharr Police Department and Hidalgo County DA Launch Domestic Violence Crisis Response Unit During
“No More Week”

No More Week, March 7-13, is a way for leading organizations, companies, leaders, and people to come together to help end domestic violence. No More Week is also one of the best opportunities for those traumatized by domestic violence and sexual assault to seek help and help others.

Pharr, Texas – Continuing its efforts to respond to the need for community-based, partnership-driven, and compassionate policing, the Pharr Police Department has partnered with the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office and other community resource agencies to develop and launch a Domestic Violence Crisis Response Unit.

The announcement was made at a Press Conference held on International Women’s Day and during “No More Week.”

The Pharr Police Department announced that it has partnered with community agencies and organizations to support the Unit, including DHR Health Safe H.A.V.E.N. Forensic Exam Center, Hidalgo County Community Service Agency, and Women Together/Mujeres Unidas.

“This collaboration is yet another step in the way we want to police in our city,” said Pharr Chief of Police Andrew Harvey. “This serious issue of domestic violence is a community issue and it takes a community team to resolve it,” he continued. “We are so proud of all our partners who are helping us and honored for their assistance as we work together to address domestic violence and provide assistance to those in need,” added Harvey. “We will do whatever it takes to keep our victims safe and seek justice on their behalf!”

At the press conference, a donation in the amount of $2,500 each from the Pharr Police Department and the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office was presented to Mujeres Unidas, a non-profit community service organization whose mission is to provide shelter and support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The City of Pharr Police Department and the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office present a check donation of $2,500 each to Mujeres Unidas. 

Pharr’s Domestic Violence Crisis Response Unit was created out of an overwhelming need to support victims of domestic violence – ensuring victims’ safety first and foremost; obtaining immediate services such as a safe temporary shelter, counseling, and more; and providing resources and support to navigate the investigation process, judicial system, and beyond. By approaching the crisis situation with a specially-trained response unit and a plan for action for the victim, the Pharr Police Department will swiftly intervene and get the victim the appropriate help they need and, where necessary, the justice they deserve.

“The Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office is ecstatic that the Pharr Police Department has stepped up to the plate to address the issue of the dangers of domestic violence through tangible solutions by creating this important response team here in the City of Pharr,” said Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez. “I commend the mayor, city commissioners, Chief Harvey, and all our partners for bringing this response unit to the community and helping to protect domestic violence victims,” he added. “Victims have rights and our office stands ready to assist and support investigations and possible prosecutions that may arise from these efforts, promote appropriate justice, and ensure victims’ safety,” Rodriguez continued.

A study by the National Domestic Violence Hotline found that 1 in 4 women was reluctant to turn to law enforcement for help; two-thirds or more were afraid the police wouldn’t believe them or do anything to intervene.

“The City of Pharr is proud to continue to address the needs in our community through policing initiatives that are based on compassion, effectiveness, and innovative methods,” stated Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D. “We thank the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office, Mujeres Unidas, DHR Health, and the Hidalgo County Community Service Agency for working with us to address domestic violence,” added Hernandez. “Working together, we can help educate our community and save more victims.”