Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Development

A site plan, drainage plan and detention volume calculations prepared by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer will be required for all commercial building permits. Please call or visit the Engineering Department for a complete list of requirements and additional information.

If the driveway or sidewalk to be installed is on a State Road, you will apply for a permit with TxDOT. Permits for driveways or sidewalks on City Streets may be acquired with the Public Works Department located at 1015 E. Ferguson Ave (FM 495), Pharr, TX. Driveways and sidewalks must comply with and be built to meet City of Pharr standards (City Streets) and TxDOT standards (State Roads)

FEMA Flood Zones

You can call the City’s Engineering Department or go to and fill out the Flood Risk Profile to find your flood zone and risk.
Flood zones are land areas identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each flood zone describes that land area in terms of its risk of flooding. Everyone lives in a flood zone–it’s just a question of whether you live in a low, moderate, or high risk area.

A FIRM is a map created by the NFIP for floodplain management and insurance purposes. Digital versions of these maps are called DFIRMs. A FIRM will generally show a community’s base flood elevations, flood zones, and floodplain boundaries. As a property owner/renter, you can use this map to get a reliable indication of what flood zone you’re in. However, maps are constantly being updated due to changes in geography, construction and mitigation activities, and meteorological events. Therefore, for a truly accurate determination, contact your insurance agent or company, or your community floodplain manager.