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To seek information regarding the following permits, click on the permit of your choice:

Building Permits
Electrical, Plumbing, A/C Permits
Contractor Requirements
Electrical Meter Requests
Certificate of Occupancy
Manufactured Home Permits
Complaint Form

Building Permits:

Anyone desiring to build, remodel, or add to a structure, must fill out an application for a building permit.  All applications for building permits must be accompanied with the plans of the proposed construction.  The sealed plans must consist of the data for the site, roof, walls, floor, foundation, and elevations.  Plans for commercial buildings valued at $50,000. or more are required to be submitted to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for compliance of the Texas Accessibility Standards (1-512-463-1668).  TDLR – Barriers Project Registration. Commercial plans call for pertinent information prepared by architects and structural engineers. The REScheck  or COMcheck is now mandated by the State of Texas for energy conservation.

Building permits are processed by the permit technicians for the City of Pharr.  The technicians route the building plans and applications to the different departments for review of the plans.  You may print a [Download not found]

Building permits that have been issued recently may be freely viewed and/or printed without visiting City Hall.  Just click away for  Building Permits October (600 downloads) , Permits Issued November 2017 (522 downloads) , or Permits Issued December 2017 (518 downloads) .

If you need to seek the same information from City Hall’s records, you are welcome to do so. Should you need copies of the records you choose, a fee of 10¢ per page will be charged for less  than 50 pages, or 85¢ for the first page and 10¢ each additional page for copies of 51 pages or more.

Electrical, Plumbing, A/C Permits:

Permits are issued to licensed and bonded contractors.  Commencing work without a permit will result in doubling the permit fee.  Contractors must apply in person at the City of Pharr Building and Safety Division, provide the necessary information and pay the appropriate fee (calculated in accordance to the type of work to be done).


Building Contractors $50.00 Building Registration Annual Fee & State Certificate
$5,000 Bond Req./100,000 Liability Insurance
Electrical Contractors Proof of 300,000 Liability Insurance
Copy of Electrical State License & Contractor State License
Mechanical Contractors 300,000 Liability Insurance
Copy of License
Plumbing Contractors 300,000 Liability Insurance
Copy of State License
Sign Contractors 300,000 Liability Insurance or 500,000 bond
$50.00 Sign Registration Fee, $25.00 Renewal
House Movers $5,000 Bond


Electrical Meter Request:

The electrical companies will disconnect an electric meter if it is inactive or the customer requests that the service be disconnected.  The following procedures will help to expedite the process to re-activate the electrical service:

1.         The property owner/renter must obtain an electrical permit for the location.  This permit may be obtained by the owner/renter by applying in person at the Building Safety Division.
2.         The electrical inspector will conduct an inspection of the electrical system at the property.  A tag of approval or denial will be left at the site once the inspection is completed.
3.         If the system complies with the current adopted electrical code, the Building Safety Division will be able to provide a clearance to the electrical company.  Otherwise, deficiencies will require correction by a certified electrician.
4.         The owner/renter must contact the electrical company of their choice and ask for the E.S.S.I. number (a 17-digit number) or account number.   The owner/renter must provide this number to the Building Safety Division who will include it when faxing the clearance to the electrical company.

Certificate of Occupancy:

Certificates of Occupancy are issued to new or existing buildings.  Buildings must first be inspected and approved for occupancy by Zoning, Building Safety, Fire. and Health Divisions, if applicable.

Owners or renters proposing to operate a new business must apply for a license and a Certificate of Occupancy prior to operating a business.  You may  print a [Download not found].

Manufactured Home Permit:

Only models manufactured after 1975 are allowed in the City of Pharr.  Models older than 1975 and/or are sub-standard are now allowed.  Before a manufactured home can be moved into the City of Pharr, an application for a manufactured home permit must be made.  Requirements for the permit include:

1.        A minimum of four (4) pictures to determine if the manufactured home is in good condition, or an on-site inspection occurs before the home is moved in.
2.        A placement fee of $50.00
3.        A site plan is submitted with the application.  This verifies that the home will not encroach on the front sides and rear setbacks.
4.        Skirting and a driveway are required before utilities are connected. The driveway must be an all-weather surface driveway.

To print an application for a manufactured home permit, click here: [Download not found]



Complaints handled by the Building and Safety Division consist of:

1.        Construction Debris.  It is illegal to have construction debris at any construction site.  The debris must be kept in a dumpster or fenced area.

2.        No Permit.  Building during the weekend without a permit is illegal.  Permits are required to ensure code compliance.  New structures must be provided with proper setbacks for fire protection and sanitation.

3.         Contractor Registration.  All contractors (building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc.) must be registered with the City of Pharr.  Registration of contractors is required to have better service to Pharr residents.

To print a complaint form, click here: [Download not found]


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