What Contractors need to know and  comply.

  1. All permitted work must be inspected by Code Officials.
  2. All building construction must comply with the 2012 International building Codes and/or City of Pharr Ordinances.
  3. Setback and elevation inspection required.
  4. Minimum floor elevation is ____ above the curb or
  5. Elevation certificate is required
  6. Footing depth must be a minimum of 12″ into undisturbed soil or as specified by Professional Engineer.
  7. Construction material from Mexico is not allowed, unless tested in the U.S.
  8. Cannot occupy a building or an addition until a certificate of occupancy has been issued and/or final inspection has been conducted and approved by by the Planning and Zoning and Fire Departments.
  9. Must contact Waste Management for construction debris, (956-702-0252).
  10. A dumpster or a minimum of a  6 ft. diameter fenced area is required for residential construction debris prior to construction commencement. Commercial construction requires a dumpster. A $50 fine will be imposed for violation.
  11. A portable restroom is required during the construction phase.
  12. A permit is issued is for (___repairs, ___remodels, ___permit renewal, ___demolition, or ___ finish out) of the building). No additions on the existing building are permitted.
  13. Fire Prevention inspections must be requested by owner/contractor to the Fire Dept.
  14. All Engineering, Public Works, Public Utilities, Zoning and Fire Departments’ requirements must comply in addition to the Building Safety Division’s.
  15. Any electrical, plumbing, or a/c work must be done by a licensed electrician, plumber, or mechanical contractor respectively and permitted..
  16. The builder must display the green permit placard that is issued by BUILDING SAFETY DIVISION at the construction site.
  17. A _____ ft. wide sidewalk is required.
  18. Minimum living area of building as required by the subdivision.
  19. Asbestos survey required prior to issuing a permit for renovation or demolition of a pubic or commercial building, Texas Department of Health (1-800-572-5548).
  20. Address needs to be posted at the construction site and a minimum of 4 inch numbers on the building contrast in color to the building for final inspection..
  21. An enclosure is required for a dumpster used for an apartment complex or commercial properties.
  22. FENCING – owner/contractor is responsible for installation of fence within owner’s property limits.
  23. Driveway access required through Public Works where curb does not exist.
  24. Curb cut required through Public works.
  25. Re-inspection fees need to be paid before the inspection request.
  26. Inspections will cease if contractors or subcontractors license and/or liability insurance expires.
  27. Any other requirement(s) as deemed necessary by the Building Official for the particular project.