The City of Pharr takes allegations of fraud in government seriously.

Fraud is an act of dishonesty intended for personal gain resulting in a loss of city taxpayers’ dollars. Sometimes the way people act might suggest that they are committing a fraud. These signs are called ‘red flags‘.

‘Look for the ‘Red Flags’:

  • Missing inventory or physical assets or using city vehicles, equipment for personal use.
  • Unjustified wages or time on the time clock.
  • Abuse of sick leave, workers compensation.
  • Transactions taking place at odd times, odd frequencies, or involving unusual amounts or to odd vendors.
  • Internal controls or city policies that are not enforced, or often compromised by higher authorities
  • Missing, duplicate or altered financial documents.
  • Inconsistent, vague or implausible responses arising from inquiries.
  • Common names or addresses of payees or customers.
  • Collusion among employees, where there is little or no supervision.
  • One employee has control of a process from start to finish with no segregation of duties.
  • Audit findings deemed to be errors or irregularities.

Please use the form on the right if you suspect or have witnessed fraud or call (956) 475–3499.
Fraud Policy