Dianna Valdez, City Clerk
Imelda Barrera, Assistant City Clerk
Maritza Gutierrez, Local Registrar

The City Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining the official records of the City.  The office holds many responsibilities, among these responsibilities are: preparing agenda packets for all City Commission Meetings, hearings, workshops and preparing minutes thereof for permanent records.  The City Clerk maintains ordinances and resolutions and official minutes of the Pharr Board of Commissioners.  The office is also tasked with the responsibility of administering municipal elections and issuing alcoholic beverages permits, taxi permits, drilling permits, and special event permits.

The City Clerk maintains all records of appointments to the various Advisory Boards and prepares all proclamations for the Mayor and Commission.

You may contact the Office of the City Clerk at (956) 402-4100 or email us at [email protected]


The City Clerk assists the City Manager in the preparation of Commission Agendas, which are prepared and posted 72 hours prior to Commission meetings.  Agendas for the regular meetings and work sessions are posted the preceding week at City Hall and also on the City’s web site.
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City Code of Ordinances 

The City of Pharr Code is maintained online by the Municipal Code Corporation. Please direct any comments about the Code presentation to the Municipal Code Corporation at [email protected] or call 1-800-262-2633.

Pharr City Ordinances are available online at Municipal Code

Public Information Act

The City of Pharr has established guidelines in accordance with the Public Information Act (formerly Open Records Act) to ensure that all records in the possession of and pertaining to the operation of the governmental body is available to the public through a systematic process.  The Records Management Officer has the authority for releasing records in accordance with the Public Information Act with the exception of the Fire Department, Municipal Court and Police Department records. All requests for information must be in writing and can be submitted through the Pharr, TX Public Records Request Center.

The Conflict of Interest Questionnaires are being filed with the records administrator of the local government in accordance with chapter 176 of the Local Government Code by a person doing business with the governmental entity.


Elections for the City Commission are held on the second Saturday of May every two years.  The Mayor and Commissioner Positions 1, 5, and 6 terms will expire May, 2023  and Commissioners Positions 2, 3 and 4 terms will expire May, 2021.  The terms of office are four years.

For more information contact the Office of the Secretary of State at their website: www.sos.sate.tx.us

Liquor Permits

The application process for regular liquor permits/licenses begins with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission located at 6521 N. 10th Street, Suite D, McAllen, Texas, telephone number 956 687-5141.  Once applications are completed and fees are paid, the application is forwarded to the City Clerks’ Office for processing.  Applications for on-premise consumption must apply for a Conditional Use Permit at our Planning Department located at 118 S. Cage Blvd., 4th floor, and telephone number 956 402-4100.

For more information contact Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at their website: www.tabc.state.tx.us

Special Event Permits

Special Event permits (carnival, circus, tent show, or any other exhibition in open-air or in tents) are handled at the City Clerk’s office.  Any person desiring to conduct a special event shall make an application for and obtain a permit to do so from the City of Pharr. Click here to download application: Application for Carnivals, Circuses, or Mass Gatherings and Application for School or Church Open-Air Events. Once the application is completed along with all required documentation, the application shall be subject to review by the following: Planning & Zoning Department; Public Works Department; Fire Department; Police Department; and Health Department. The personnel considering the application shall submit to the City Manager a report stating an individual recommendation including approval, denial, conditions, or other fees required for compliance or to reimburse the City for its costs. The City Manager shall be charged with the final decision in consideration of the application.

Permit for Well

Drilling Permits are issued by the City Clerk upon approval by City Commission of an application to drill a well for oil or gas within the City limits.  The application shall be in writing, signed by the applicant or some authorized person in his or its behalf.  The permit fee is $3,000.00 and must comply with all requirements as set forth by Ordinance.

Upon the filing of an application for a permit to drill and operate an oil and/or gas well, the City Clerk shall set a date for a hearing on such application, which hearing date shall be less than ten days subsequent to the date of the filing of such application.  Notice of the filing of such application and the date of the hearing hereon shall be given by the City Clerk by publication in the issue of a newspaper published in the city at least five days prior to the date of such public hearing.

A hearing open to the public shall be held by the City Commission on every application filed under the provisions of this division for a permit to drill and operate a well at the particular time and date designed in the published notice.  If the applicant complies in all respects with all the requirements set forth by Ordinance, the City Commission shall authorize the City Clerk to issue a permit.


Soliciting door-to-door within the corporate limits of Pharr is prohibited.  Other prohibited activities include: entering premises without invitation; selling on city-owned property generally; refusing to leave premises; entrance to premises restricted; misrepresentation; selling on streets, sidewalks, alleys, or open and unimproved lots.

Vital Statistics Division

The City Clerk oversees the Vital Statistics.  The Vital Statistics Division is located on the fourth floor and provides copies of birth and death certificates.  For more information please contact Maritza Gutierrez, Local Registrar , at (956) 402-4100, ext. 1008.


118 S. Cage, 4th Floor
Pharr, TX 78577