The City’s fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30. The City Commission controls the finances of the City through the annual budget. Developed through a rigorous process and adopted via an ordinance, the budget provides appropriations which is the permission to spend public funds. The budget is managed by the City Manager with the assistance of the Finance Director.

Budget Report Manual

Budget Manual

Raw Format Budget Report

Raw Format Budget - F.Y. 15-16


*The following links contain the adopted annual budget per the stated fiscal year:

FY 01-02 Budget

FY 02-03 Budget

FY 03-04 Budget

FY 04-05 Budget

FY 05-06 Budget

FY 06-07 Budget

FY 07-08 Budget

FY 08-09 Budget

FY 09-10 Budget

FY 10-11 Budget

FY 11-12 Budget

FY 12-13 Budget

FY 13-14 Budget

FY 14-15 Budget

FY 15-16 Budget 

FY 16-17 Budget

FY 17-18 Budget

FY 18-19 Budget

FY 19-20 Proposed Budget

FY 19-20 Budget

FY 20-21 Proposed Budget

FY 20-21 Budget


Budget – Five Year Plan

*The following link contains a forecasted budget plan per stated fiscal years:
5 Year Plan 2018 – 2023