(Please Note: Comments are Limited to 1.5 Minutes)

  • If you have been affected physically, by use or damage to property, or to any other legally recognizable interest, or received a written notice, please execute and submit this form to the office of the city clerk within the prescribed deadlines.
  • You may speak on a subject that pertains to a legal notice requiring a public hearing in accordance with applicable federal, state, or local laws.
  • A time limit of 1.5 minutes per speaker is allowed.
  • In order to expedite matters and to avoid repetitious presentations, persons are encouraged to appoint one spokesperson to speak on behalf of the group.
  • Many comments are protected as free speech, not all expressed views are protected by any legal immunity or privilege. Consequently, any slanderous comments made during the meeting may be subject to civil liability.
  • The Mayor or presiding officer may prohibit comments if the comments are obscene, disorderly, disruptive, irrelevant, repetitive, interrupt, or impair the Mayor or presiding officer from conducting an orderly meeting.
Public Hearing Registration Form