Police Department

1900 S. Cage Blvd.
Pharr, TX 78577
Phone: 956-402-4700
Fax: 956-781-9163

Juan F. Gonzalez Chief of Police [email protected] 956-402-4884
Michael Rodriguez Deputy Chief of Police [email protected] 956-402-4884
Daniel Leal Deputy Chief of Police [email protected] 956-402-4835
William Edmundson Patrol Lieutenant [email protected] 956-402-4885
Eric Rodriguez Patrol Lieutenant [email protected] 956-402-4834
Marcos Ramirez Patrol Lieutenant [email protected] 956-402-4839
Ernesto Vargas Patrol Lieutenant [email protected] 956-402-4797
Guadalupe Garcia C.I.D. Lieutenant [email protected] 956-402-4707
Abram Robles Research & Development Administrative Lieutenant [email protected] 956-402-4833
Jose Luengo Bridge Operations/Grants Lieutenant [email protected] 956-402-4823
Mirabelle Garza Records Management Supervisor / Custodian of Records [email protected] 956-402-4796
Maximiliano Longoria Administrative Sergeant [email protected] 956-402-4838
Juan Alvarez C.I.D. Sergeant [email protected] 956-402-4885
Jesus Garza C.I.D. Sergeant [email protected] 956-402-4885
Leo Munoz Training Sergeant [email protected]  
Alma De La Cerda Administrative Assistant [email protected] 956-402-4884
Jessica Rodriguez Records Management Supervisor [email protected] 956-402-4880