The Affordable Connectivity Program stopped accepting new applications and enrollments on February 7, 2024. Consumers had to be approved and enrolled with a service provider by 11:59 p.m. ET on February 7th to receive the ACP benefit.

Affordable Connectivity Program

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What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a U.S. government program run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Program to help households pay for internet service.
TeamPharr.Net is participating in this ACP program which helps families and households afford internet services. If your household is eligible, you would be able to subscribe to the program to save up to $30 a month on your fiber internet services.

Affordable Connectivity Program

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Go to to submit an application or print a mail-in application.




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Need Help? Visit for an Easy-To-Use

ACP Pre-Enrollment Wizard

Simplify the ACP enrollment process and get access to real-time support. Tool helps households:

  • Check their eligibility.
  • Determine the easiest way to qualify.
  • Identify the documents needed when applying
  • Find “free with ACP” broadband plans available at their address.

By answering a series of simple questions, the tool provides a personalized checklist that saves applicants time when they apply.

Qualifying for the Affordable Connectivity Program

A household is eligible for this program if one member of the household meets any one of the following criteria:

Qualifies for the Lifeline program;
Household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines;
Receives benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program, or the school breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision;
Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year;
Receives government assistance through programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or other programs.
For more info you may visit Affordable Connectivity Program Do I Qualify?

Current Customers

Current TeamPharr.Net customers who have already applied for eligibility through the National Verifier may complete our online application form to apply for this program. You’ll receive verification of your status in this program by email.  Please call our customer services team at (956) 402-2000 for any questions.

New Customers

If you’re considering switching to TeamPharr.Net Fiber Internet, call our customer service team to find out if your neighborhood is ready to be connected at (956) 402-2000. You’ll need to apply through the National Verifier as well to see if you are eligible.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program will provide eligible household with a credit towards broadband service of up to $30 per month.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is limited to one monthly service credit per household.

For additional details, visit the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. 

How do I know if i'm eligible?

You may be eligible for this program if you’re a TeamPharr.Net customer and you meet the criteria listed above. This is not an automatic program, you must apply with the FCC National Verifier and Pharr to qualify and receive this program benefit.

If you have a question about your eligibility for this program, you can contact that FCC at (877) 384-2575

When and where will I see my credit?

After you’ve enrolled in the program, your FCC Affordable Connectivity Program credit will be applied to your current bill cycle and will appear on your next bill statement.

How long will the Affordable Connectivity Program last?

The ACP will continue until funds run out (currently there are enough funds to support the program for an estimated five years, and that is before any additional funding is added). The ACP is therefore considered a long-term benefit.

If I'm currently a TeamPharr.Net customer, can I still apply?

Yes! Current TeamPharr.Net customers who have already applied for eligibility through the National Verifier may call (956) 402-2000 to apply for this program or start filling out our online application. The benefit can be applied to an existing TeamPharr.Net internet plan at any time during the duration of the program. All of our residential plans are eligible for ACP

What can I do to remain eligible for the credit through this program?

If you’re enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program, you must use your internet service at least once every 30 days. Otherwise you’ll lose your credit and eligibility in the program.

What if more than two people in a household are eligible for ACP?

May we use our discount together?
Only one monthly service discount is allowed per household, and the benefit is non-transferable.
If you have any questions please reach out to our customer service team at (956) 402-2000

For a longer list of ACP frequently asked questions, please visit Education Super Highway