Privacy Notice

The City of Pharr and TeamPharr.Net Broadband are proud to serve you!
TeamPharr.Net Broadband (“TeamPharr.Net”) is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with applicable law. We have adopted this Privacy Notice in regard to all TeamPharr.Net Broadband Services (“Services”). This Privacy Notice statement describes our collection, use, disclosure, and retention of information about you and others who use the Services (“Users”), how you may review and correct errors to that information, and enforcement of your rights regarding personal information.

Information about our Users is collected as necessary in order to provide the Services and to detect unauthorized reception or use of the Services. In order to provide reliable, high-quality service to you, we keep regular business records containing information that you provide such as your name, address, email address, telephone number, identifying information, financial information and other similar information. We collect and maintain information about your account such as billing, payment and deposit history, maintenance and complaint information, and the Service options you have chosen. In addition, we may combine information we collect as a part of our regular business records with personally identifiable information obtained from third parties for the purpose of creating an enhanced database to use in marketing and other activities. We may maintain records of research concerning User satisfaction and web browsing habits, which may be obtained from interviews and questionnaires. TeamPharr.Net collects, and processes information provided directly by you when you install the TeamPharr.Net App and register for an account to use the TeamPharr.Net App. Specifically, this information includes:

  • Your name, email address, location, phone number.
  • Browser information and session cookies related to your access and use of the TeamPharr.Net App.
  • Data insights TeamPharr.Net attains based on correlation and analytics of your information collected in providing the TeamPharr.Net App, which may be used in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats or to obtain trend analytics, to provide the TeamPharr.Net App; and
  • Use of the above-described collected information in aggregated and disaggregated formats to enhance our current TeamPharr.Net App or to provide App features.

We use this information collected as described in this Privacy Policy, including personal information, to:

  • Install, operate, and maintain the Services
  • Confirm you are receiving the level of Service requested and are properly billed for the Service(s)
  • Identify you when changes are made to your account
  • Inform you of new products or services that may be of interest to you
  • Detect unauthorized reception of the Service
  • Determine whether applicable policies and the Services Agreement are being violated
  • Configure Service related devices and equipment
  • Comply with the law
  • As otherwise necessary, to provide the Services or otherwise conduct business related to the Services
  • Provide you with the TeamPharr.Net App as described in the Agreement.
  • Implement, improve, and/or enhance the TeamPharr.Net App, including to make future releases available to you.
  • Carry out TeamPharr.Net obligations as described or authorized in the Agreement and this Privacy Policy.
  • Enforce TeamPharr.Net rights arising from the Agreement between you and City of Pharr; and
  • Fulfill any other purpose authorized by you and reasonably required for the TeamPharr.Net App.

Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Notice, TeamPharr.Net’s Acceptable Use Policy, and the applicable Services Agreement, TeamPharr.Net does not assume any responsibility, control, oversight, ownership or other interest in the email messages, websites, specific Internet usage history, voicemail, content or other electronic data of its Users; provided that, TeamPharr.Net is permitted to use such information as necessary for TeamPharr.Net to bill Users and to provide the Services. Even if such electronic information is stored in, contained on, or transmitted over property, equipment or facilities of TeamPharr.Net, TeamPharr.Net shall not have any responsibility, control, oversight, ownership, or other interest in such information, provided that, TeamPharr.Net may delete such information as provided in the applicable Services Agreement and other policies that are applicable to the Services. Users are and shall remain solely responsible for such electronic information.

TeamPharr.Net does not use, share, or sell a User’s email messages, specific Internet usage history, call history, voicemail, or other electronic data generated from a User’s internet Service. TeamPharr.Net does not manage or monitor a User’s actions with respect to such User’s internet activities, but TeamPharr.Net may manage or monitor the internet Services in order to provide support to Users, optimize such Services, comply with the law, and meet its obligations with respect to such Services.

Personally identifiable information will only be disclosed for legitimate business activities related to the Services, including, but not limited to:

  • Billing and collections
  • Account Administration
  • Surveys
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Fraud prevention
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

In addition, personally identifiable information about you will sometimes be disclosed to others (such as our employees, contractors, and agents for internal business purposes), as well as outside auditors, professional advisors, service providers, potential business partners, and regulators, with or without your written consent, if necessary to render the Services or to conduct a legitimate business activity related to the Services.

Although we make every reasonable effort to preserve your privacy, TeamPharr.Net will cooperate with law enforcement, including, without limitation, under subpoena, court order, or search warrant. As a governmental entity, TeamPharr.Net may also be required by state and federal law to disclose personally identifiable information about you that is contained in its business records as directed by state or federal law without your consent. We may also use or disclose personally identifiable information about you without your consent to protect our customers, employees, or property, in emergencies or to enforce our rights in court or elsewhere.

We reserve the right to compile and share with third parties usage information in aggregated formats, such as ratings surveys and other statistical reports, so long as such information does not personally identify you, your particular internet browsing habits, or the nature of any transaction you have made using the Services.

We take reasonable security precautions to protect your personally identifiable information that we collect when you use the Services from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that our security precautions will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use, or disclose your personally identifiable information.

From time to time, your name and address might be disclosed for mailing lists in connection with the promotion of TeamPharr.Net Services and other legitimate business activities. If you wish to remove your name from such lists or limit the use of your name and address at any time, please contact us in person, in writing, or by telephone at 1-956-402-2000. Your opt-out preferences apply to marketing communications only and we may still send you important Service related messages as a User of the Service. You may not opt out of these Service related and transactional communications.

TeamPharr.Net’s maintenance of personally identifiable information collected during the time you are a User will be in accordance with TeamPharr.Net’s Document Retention Policy. We destroy collected information consistent with the requirements of applicable law and TeamPharr.Net’s Document Retention Policy when the purpose for which such information was collected has been accomplished and we no longer need to retain the information for compliance with law, reporting, or other legitimate business activities.

Upon reasonable notice and during regular business hours, you may examine and copy (at your cost) any information we create relating to you at TeamPharr.Net’s headquarters located at 100 W. Ferguson Ave, Pharr, TX 78577. If you wish to inspect such records, please contact us by mail at the above address or by telephone at 1-956-402-2000, giving us a reasonable period of time to locate and, if necessary, prepare the information for review, and to arrange an appointment during regular business hours. You will only be permitted to examine records that contain information about you and no one else.

TeamPharr.Net reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice at any time. We will notify you of any material changes via written, electronic, or other means permitted by law. If you find the changes unacceptable, you have the right to cancel the Services. If you continue to use the Services after receiving notice of such changes, we will consider that as your acceptance of the changes.

Effective Date: 06/01/2022
Last Updated: 06/01/2022