Frequently Asked Questions: 

What do I need for a Certificate of Occupancy?
Certificate of Occupancy application with the $25.00 application fee to include: a copy of the business owners’ driver’s license or government issued photo ID, A copy of the warranty deed (if they are the property owner) or the signed lease agreement, A copy of the DBA or Articles to include an LLC, LP or Inc., and A copy of the Sales Tax Certificate, if applicable. 

What is the number to request inspections?

Can I submit an application online?
You can submit your proposed project with the building permit application to [email protected] for review however, when it is approved it must be paid in person. (5 days review process) 

How long will a commercial permit take for review?
If your submittal is complete, please allow 5 to 6 business days for electronic plan review. (no hard copies for commercial review) 

What is the cost or a garage sale permit?  What do I need to take?
$ 15.00 and you must provide an identification or utility bill with the address 

What are our business hours?
Our office is open Monday through Friday 8-5 p.m. 

What happens after my application is approved?
Once your application is approved staff will notify you the permit is ready to issue and provide fees, so you may come in to pay the permit. 

Can I start building without the permit if I apply?
No, you must wait for the permit to be approved in case any restrictions, then come in to pay for it. 

Can a contractor pull the building permit?
Yes, however they must register with the city and pay a $100.00 general contractor registration. 

What is the status on my inspection?
Inspection tags are left at the site, or please allow up to 48 hours to be posted. 

Does my electrician plumber or air technician have to be licensed?  
Yes, any professional doing work must be licensed with the State of Texas with insurance provided to the City of Pharr.