Code Enforcement

“The Fire Prevention Division is striving to make the City of Pharr a Safer Place to Live.”

Code Enforcement can be broken down into two distinct subsections: plans review and inspections. The Pharr Fire Department utilizes the city adopted International Fire Code 2018 to guide them in conducting effective fire inspections. There is no charge for fire inspections or reviewing fire alarm plans and sprinkler plans.

Types of Plans

  • Subdivision Plats
  • Site Plans
  • Water Supply plans, both public right-of-way and private water supply
  • Building permit plans, including architectural and mechanical, and electrical plans.
  • Automatic sprinkler system and standpipe system plans.
  • Fire alarm system plans
  • Specialized fire protection system plans, including CO2 system, dry chemical systems and halon/”safe agent” system.

Types of Inspections

  • Site: inspections during construction to check fire department access and water supply for firefighting.
  • Building Shell: inspections before a building is occupied.
  • Certificate of Occupancy: inspections to ensure that an existing or new building is ready for a specific type of occupancy.
  • Licensing: inspections of specific occupancies, such as liquor stores or day cares centers, for which a city or state-issued permit requires a fire inspection.
  • Compliant: inspections to follow up on complaints from the public or fire companies about overcrowding in public assemblies or locked exit doors, etc.
  • Reinspections: of building that fail initial inspections.
  • Substandard or Vacant Building: inspections of buildings targeted for demolition by the city.
  • Fire Protection System: inspections of systems in new or remolded buildings to verify repairs to existing systems that were not in compliance.
  • Routine: inspections of all “inspectable” occupancies, essentially all occupancies except – one and two-family dwellings in the jurisdiction on at least an annual basis. A routine inspection is the type carried out by nearly all fire prevention bureaus.

To schedule fire inspections or drop off plans please contact or visit us at:

Pharr Fire – Rescue
Fire Prevention Division
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Pharr, Texas 78577
Tel:(956) 402-4400 / Fax (956) 783-7326
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