The Accounts Payable Division’s responsibility is to ensure that all City liabilities are paid for based on the proper documentation and approvals.

The objective of the department is to ensure that all applicable accounts payable laws and City’s internal payment procedures are followed. The Accounts Payable Division utilizes check requests and a monthly payment cycle to proficiently operate the accounts payable process.

Per the City’s adopted Purchasing Manual, non-emergency payments are made twice a month. This department and all businesses wishing to do business with the City will adhere to the Purchasing Manual payment guidelines. Please refer to the Finance Department Purchasing Division tab for to review or download the manual.


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Accounts Payable Electronic Transactions Only FY 12-13

Accounts Payable Electronic Transactions Only FY 13-14

Accounts Payable Electronic Transactions Only FY 14-15

Accounts Payable Electronic Transactions Only FY 15-16

Account Payable Electronic Transactions Only FY 16-17


W-9 Vendor Requirements

Vendor’s requiring a 1099 must provide the City with a completed & signed W-9 .

Vendor’s inquiring when invoices are due for payment.  Invoice Due Dates

CONFLICT OF INTEREST – Vendors, Public Officials, City Employees

Per Chapter 176, LGC and pursuant to H.B.914, conflict of interest should be disclosed at all times. Entities doing business with the City must disclose any potential conflict of interest (example: elected member/employee of the City that provide services to the City for compensation). The City may not disqualify the entities with a conflict of interest, so long as the conflict is disclosed.

Please use the attached forms to disclose your entities conflict of interest.  Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Please refer to the Staff Directory for Finance Department staff.