Distribution & Collection

The City of Pharr current service area size is 23 square miles with 415.30 miles of water lines and 301.67 miles of sanitary sewer lines. The Distribution Division operates and maintains the Water Distribution System and Wastewater Collection System. It provides effective and efficient maintenance to its water distribution system to ensure continuous delivery of potable water, adequate pressure, protecting public health and the environment, fire protection, economic growth and quality of life service.

The City of Pharr’s Wastewater Collection System is essential in ensuring sanitary delivery of waste to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment, disinfection and safe environmental discharge. The Distribution Division provides effective and efficient maintenance of the sanitary sewer lines to ensure uninterrupted collection of waste throughout the city.

During a calendar year the Distribution System receives and completes over 3,000 work orders for repairing water breaks and sewer breaks, installing water lines and sewer lines, water and sewer line spotting and manholes, installing and replacing water meters, and fire hydrants. It also participates during review of all new developments.