The City Service Center works administratively under the direction of the Public Works Department. Operating a preventative maintenance plan and developing optimal strategies for vehicles, this division continues to offer superb maintenance.

Preventive maintenance activities include regular equipment checks, partial or complete overhauling at specified periods, regular oil/fluid and maintenance.

Long term benefits of preventive maintenance includes:

Improved system reliability and decreased cost of major part replacement

Service Center Highlights

Service center maintains 341 vehicle units and  100 mobile equipment units. New methods implemented of inventory control and work order process lessens downtime on units that need maintenance to average of 30 Minutes. Initiated fleet maintenance software (RTA-Ron Turley Associates, Inc.) for enhancing preventive maintenance, warranties, fuel tracking, inventory, work orders, part orders, mechanic time management, and expenditure reports. Two fleet maintenance units for roadside service/spare tire change also on hand.  A total of 2,705 work orders were turned in to service center in 2011-2012.

The Service Center manages the entire fleet for the City of Pharr government employees.